For WFS security is not a side product, it is a way of life. Security is more than putting up a fence or making a manual, it is an attitude. This attitude found its way throughout the whole company so that all our people were and are aware of the possible dangers hidden in cargo, long before 9/11.

Of course, operating in a warehouse with direct ramp access, means WFS has to take all precautions possible to prevent unauthorized access to the airport itself. Therefore we have electronic access control, fencing, digital camera's,...

With 9/11, the rules of the game in the air cargo industry have changed dramatically. Never before has cargo security been placed so high on the political agenda. Result of this is the new European legislation that sets the rules for the whole of Europe. All parties, involved in the transport of cargo through the air, will have to take their responsibilities to assure a safe transport. Both national and European inspectors will audit companies to make sure all are in compliance with the law.


General Manager Scandinavia

Worldwide Flight Services hereby has the pleasure to announce that it has appointed Mr. Jimi Daniel Hansen as General Manager Scandinavia


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